WordPress Teaching Me Children’s Ministry

I am always looking around for what God will use to teach me more or enforce lessons already taught but maybe just not caught like they should be. Well I found another just today. What is it you ask? WordPress!

As strange as this may be to some, here is the lesson I am being schooled on again – Relationships. Yes, WordPress has been used by God to teach me again about relationships. I just took a visit to my blogging stats through one of the resources I use to track all the information. This one happens to be WordPress.com Stats. As I was looking at the charts and going over the graphs, I noticed something that I notice all the time but this time it hit me differently. Every time I keep the conversation going, over time my visits are much higher. When I take a dip on posting, disrupting the conversation, my visits go way down. Common sense, yes for blogging. In relationships with others, the same conclusion can be drawn.

My lesson shows me that in children’s ministry I need to keep communication regular with the families and kids I get to minister to. I have to find ways to connect all the time so that my connection with them does not dip like my numbers and influence dips with readership when blogging dips.

What ways do you use to keep that connection strong? How often are you connecting? I need to continue to find ways to connect to kids in the halls each time we are around. Write the cards, make the calls, go to their events, send the newsletters out, be at the exit door to say good-bye to each one and the list goes on.

Thanks WordPress for allowing God to remind me of the importance of strong relationships and consistent communication.

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