Wow can come in little ways

In ministry, it can often times feel as though having the best facility, the best sound, the largest staff, the most toys ahh I mean tools, the largest budget (and the list really can go on and on) is the only way to deliver the WOW each weekend. Now having all of this, or any of these items doesn’t hurt (as I get to experience some of these myself), but really the enduring WOW factor can be delivered in some of what may seem like the smallest ways. It is through these small ways that I try to train my teams to deliver.

Each time we open the church door, or wake up to face another Sunday in Christ’s name, there comes a realization that we have the privilege to create special memories for others. Thinking on these things is very empowering. When I feel a little slow, it helps to focus and start the morning with my team in group prayer. Together we ask God to help us be determined to find opportunities to WOW those who come to church. Here are some simple ways we have found to do just this:

– Watch the faces of those who travel the halls. When they look lost, spring into action and ask them “How may I help you?”
– Carry a small roll of stickers in your pocket. When you see a child with a big smile, stop and tell them that you have been deputized to serve a smiley face sticker to those who bring sunshine to the halls. Slap a sticker on their hand and watch that smile increase. (While your at it give the parents one to.)
– Hang out around the check in’s, if you give labels of some kind to each child, and read the names on them. As they leave to go to class or service tell ‘Sam’ that your glad he is here and brought his parent with him. Now Sam is trying to figure out how you know him and you have probably made him smile just by knowing (reading) his name.
– If you see a child having a little separation anxiety, head on over there and pull out some peepers puppets from your pocket and begin a mini-show. Maybe just kneeling down on the child’s level, talking, joking with the child, and then grabbing another child, who is about their age to help take them in to introduce them to others, will be the WOW factor in this case for the parent and the child.

Each of these examples are small, not pricey, and don’t need a large a staff or big facility to pull off for the WOW. But the great thing of each of these little WOWs is that they do add up. As they accumulate they will deliver a WOW that will make a great impression on those who come into your church.

So don’t get lost in today’s stories of new facilities being built with amusement parks inside, all the big concerts being hosted by one place, or the church down the street that has the laser light show and the big events every other weekend. Rejoice in the fact that they are using what God has given them, but don’t lose sight in what God has given you, the power of the WOW!

Just like with Moses, God asked him “what do you have in your hand?” At the time Moses thought “only this stick”. But God saw something much bigger when He was given control over it.

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