Wow through know-how (Team Lesson 1 of 3)

I have been rolling around a lesson that has really made an impact on my thoughts and I truly enjoy it when I see this happen. What is it? When team members treat one another the way they are trained to treat their customers/congregation members. In Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke’s book titled Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service, they offer this tip for determining who your internal customers are: “In your organization, your customer is whoever benefits from the work you do – or conversely, whoever suffers when your work is done poorly or not at all.”

Every ministry depends on internal coordination and cooperation to succeed. There are 3 strategies that benefit externally and internally. Lets look at these 3, then pick each one apart briefly.

1. Wow through know-how
2. Take notice and take action
3. Add flair through care

Wow through know-how
When a visitor to your church tries to ask a question of those around, such as how to get some where or some other question but, before the visitor even asks, the team members darts off and hides so the question may never be asked. This behavior or attitude of avoidance, or “don’t bother me now”, or “it is not my job or my area of ministry”, etc. will create a break down in your customer support. That break down will show up in your attendance as well by leaving people without a “wow”.

Or what if a team member needs help setting up for their event and as you walk by you notice no one is there to help, and you do not stop to help them. Maybe a team member needs help administering a large function but they are not strong in the details like you are and yet you do not offer to help them which would help the whole. This lack of “wowing” will also create break downs on your internal team.

What if our teams were instead trained and lived out “Wowing through their know-how” to further the whole, internally and externally? Simply, what if team members looked for ways to be of help, regardless of where that help is needed. Some visitor looks lost, why not walk them to where they need to be? Some internal team member is cleaning up after an event, why not stop in and help?

This is showing a “Wow through know-how”.

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