Wow through noticing and action (Team Lesson 2 of 3)


Being responsive and attentive to our fellow team mates is one of the more appreciated and important traits we can show one another. For a fact it is hard to show greatness to our visitors and guests when we cannot even get cooperation from our teams on the inside of our churches and ministries.

I’ve heard a saying that I have rolled around in my head for years because it just did not sound right to me. This saying is probably one that you have heard and may even have used a time or two, and it is: “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.” This seems like a very harsh and unfriendly statement to me. It seems that this kind of statement would come from someone that was not on a team.

There are times when things do get overlooked in the planning of things. There are times we will notice that a team mate did not plan properly and needs some help. Get over it! This will happen and usually not just once, but more often than will ever be convenient for you. Know that you will sometimes be the one who did not plan properly. Now I am not saying that if you have a team mate who keeps falling under this category you should not step up and help them learn to plan better, instead of helping them physically through the issue. That becomes more of an opportunity to  teach someone to fish rather than just giving them fish to eat over and over again.

Team members are there for one another. We understand that the health of the whole means better health for each individual. So “wow” your fellow team mates not just through noticing, but through action that will come along side of the notice.

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