Writing in the sand

Today I wake up and gear up for a NEW day. Yesterday for me was one of those days I am sure we have all had that just really suck the wind out of your sails due to a variety of things. Here I am at the start of a new day and as I prepare myself for this new day I need to put yesterday behind me but know that as I start today there will still be remnants of yesterday that I need to walk through. In order for today not to be the same I must find a way to get over it and leave it behind me. This is definitely one of those things easier said than done, but a must for a bright future filled with all the potential God has me.

Thinking about this makes me think through how often I have seen when people work with kids will get upset or disappointed with kids in their ministries and when the adult volunteer leaves for that day they do not erase the child’s wrong but instead keeps that list alive and as the week goes on, that list becomes more solidly etched in stone in the mind. Everyone shows up the following ministry time and the past wrongs are still recorded and the child already starts off behind in the mind of the volunteer. It is extremely important that we do not etch wrongs in stone but in sand. Just as I am having to wake up today and start new by rubbing the sand, we also need to have volunteers do the same with the kids in their ministries.

Thank you Jesus for such a great example of writing in the sand.

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