Add Value by studying process

Your church probably engages in many different processes. Each of these processes (some may be intentional and known and some may not be as well-known or even intentional) contributes to the mission of your church.

These processes determine the success of your church. Without them, there would not be any discipleship, mentoring, evangelism, training, and so on. Processes−once developed and set in motion−tend to self-perpetuate until someone intentionally changes them (this is often easier said than done). The sum of all the processes defines not only what the church does but also determines the success or lack of it.

One of the most powerful ways that we as children’s pastors (middle management) can add value to our churches and Senior Pastors is to know the processes our churches engage in. What does this mean? It means knowing each step of what happens and what doesn’t, and who does it and why. Are there steps that can be skipped or abbreviated? Are there steps which must remain? Know the individual people who handle the processes and learn their strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

By becoming well-educated in all of this it will help those of us who are children’s pastors to better serve our churches and our senior pastors. It will also help us build greater traction in our children’s ministries which we have been entrusted to oversee.

How many of us have had that feeling that we can’t make changes, that our roles are not that important, and that we are stuck in just doing what we are told to do? Stop feeling this way. Become active in helping with the whole. Make yourself a student of your church and its processes. As you become a student of your church’s processes you will discover it is one of the greatest ways you can add value to your church and everyone connected to it. It also enhances the importance of your role that you personally play. This will also produce enormous long-term rewards for you.

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