If you are at an important moment in your development and growth as a leader, coaching can help bring clarity and focus to where you are in your development, and help you discern what might be next.

Pastor Todd is trained and certified in various coaching methods to assist you in discovering the answers and next steps that you will want to take to be all that God has called you to be.

You pick the type of coaching that will be most beneficial for you.

1. Leader Breakthru.
If you are at an important moment in your development and growth as a leader, Leader Breakthru’s personal development coaching can help bring clarity and focus to where you are in your development, and help you discern what might be next. Leader Breakthru offers leadership development coaching for ministry and marketplace leaders who are:

In a transition
Seeking to clarify their life direction and calling
Wanting to go to the next stage of their development
Seeking to clarify their role and contribution.
Considering job/career change.
In need of greater focus and life direction

2. Kidology Coaching.
Kidology Coaching allows me to be a guide for you through a twelve unit curriculum that covers twenty-six foundational areas of ministry and provides so much more through a growing and strong relationship that will be developed as well between you and myself the coach.

This one-year Kidology program is designed to provide specialized Christian mentoring to those who are aspiring to creatively minister to children. The course covers a broad scope of subjects, which are useful to effectively reach and teach kids. Kidology Coaching is affordable and flexible to easily fit within your busy ministry schedule.

WHAT DOES the Kidology coaching cost?
Registration is just $36 for Kidology Premium Members. I will then set up an initial one-on-one phone consultation to get to know you before you begin Unit 1.

Unit 1 and each additional unit is $120, all including EVERY WEEK one Zoom video conference call per unit. This allows you the opportunity to work out what you are learning as you learn it. The “STICKY” factor is much higher this way.

3. ZOOM Video Personal Coaching

Here is a coaching direction for those who don’t want to go off of a particular curriculum, but want to take whatever direction they are needing as the coaching agenda. This could be life, ministry, career, advancement in some way and the list could go on. With this coaching choice, here is basically what is expected of you and what you can expect from Todd.

  • 4 months of coaching.

  • Monthly 1 on 1 coaching call. Live, one-hour sessions on the important topics that we will establish during our first zoom call. Each session includes teaching, discussion, recorded video of our session so you have access to them later.

  • Personalized growth plan: Personal phone session with Todd at the start of coaching to help you identify areas of growth and development. From this, Todd will help you create a growth plan in those areas. Includes identifying your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. The plan includes developing a personal mission statement, key book summaries, guided growth conversations to have with key people in your life, action steps.

  • Marco Polo support. Each member will have access to a Marco Polo thread where they can ask questions directly to Todd and other members who have gone through these coaching type sessions. This gives you an experienced team available whenever you need them. You also retain access to this Marco Polo group after the 4 months so you have ongoing support and encouragement.

  • Access to the notes from the Zoom recordings round table through a shared Dropbox folder. 

How much does the ZOOM 4-month coaching experience cost? For a limited time, the cost is only $399. Upon acceptance into the program, a non-refundable deposit of $99 is due to hold your spot. Then $100 is due on the first of each month until your remaining balance is paid in full. If you pay the entire amount before the program begins, you receive a $50 discount.

So, regardless of what kind of coaching you would benefit from the most, I look forward to meeting your needs. Send me an email at to get your next step started.