Coming Back

It has been a very long time since I have posted. The road I have been traveling during this pandemic time has been up and down and all around.

Stops in the Journey

To list just some of the bullet type items on this recent come back journey would include:

  • Being laid off from one church due to finances
  • Joining the management world at a corporate  business
  • Moving from Iowa to Kentucky to another church as their children’s pastor
  • Moving back to Iowa after only 6 months at previous church  in Kentucky
  • Joing back as manager at same company right right before we left
  • Struggle with identity crisis because I was forced into a whole new direction of leadership and changed the direction I had invested 30+ years into previously.
  • Health issues with my eyes and getting Cataracts.

The Journey Continues

So much more, but we will covering all of it over time as I unfold the great come back journey lessons I have picked up over the past 1 year. God has taught me a ton.

Ever feel lost or misplaced in your journey in life?  Has confusion and hopelessness over come you at times and you just pray for a life line to be thrown your way? Have you all of a sudden been given time to think but feel overwhelmed by all the potential choices and directions you could go but not sure which one you should choose?

Comeback Journey is Full of Lessons

I want to help you take these very same topics on and see your answers through to victory in your come back journey.

Keep on coming back as I share with my new iPad Air, keyboard, and Apple Pencil the discoveries I kept with to get my victory and to be victories still. We will do this through text, pictures, video, and audio as time goes on.

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