Discovering the answer to question 5 – Derailing Leadership Traits

To now continue on with our questions that need answers. If you have not read the previous ones you can do so here: Intro, One, Two, Three, and now today’s:
“What is the one behavior or trait that you have seen derail more leaders’ careers?”
Answer: I am not sure if there is just one, but a few of them that I have seen is:
1. Difficulty in changing or adapting. They lack being flexible and/or the ability to adjust to a new culture. Often time you can see this when someone gets promoted out of their leadership level.
2. Failure to build and lead a team.
3. Problems with interpersonal skills. This is seen when a leader becomes insensitive or abrasive, arrogant or aloof.

This would be a quick answer to this question that I feel needs answered. How would you answer the question?

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