Elements of creating a “Get it done culture”

I think in our results driven culture we often want some quick and easy short cut answers. We look at a children’s ministries that we view as successful and think if we run our service like they do we will see the results they are seeing. Maybe we listen to some great ‘thinker or speaker’ who can explain in creative ways how they would create a ‘Get it done’ culture and expect that if we do what they just said it will be done.

I do not know how successful you can be if you choose to copy something from someone else or listen to those who explain how they think they would do it. I do know that establishing ‘Get it done’ high performance team type success are not dependent on one simple factor or as a result of one or two things. The entire context you operate in greatly impacts your results. This context includes the culture of the church – how things get done, how decisions get made, what works and does not work as far as behaviors and what gets rewarded and how.

Keys to building a ‘Get it done’ culture is to make sure you consider “‘what“ and “how“ you will get to your destination points – the clear definitions of where you are going in a specific time-frame.

The specifics of a ‘Get it Done’ culture are unique to your ministry because they are based on what will work best for you to get you to where you want to go within the parameters you have defined. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to culture. However, I want to suggest some potential elements that it appears those who have these kinds of culture tend to have these in common and probably will fit most ministries:

1. Clearly define what winning looks like – Look across the entire ministry and define what it looks like from a variety of perspectives – evangelism, visitor retention, discipleship, etc.

2. Spell out your “preferred culture” – In the same way that leaders shape and communicate a vision, they also spell out a picture of the culture they are striving for. This can often be just a set of guiding principles or values, but the best seem to go further by establishing preferred behaviors that support these values: Which aspects of our current culture are we happy/unhappy with? What preferred behaviors do we need to create the culture we want? What behaviors actually get rewarded around here? Which unacceptable behaviors are actually tolerated here? How do we measure up against each of our preferred behaviors?

Have you established these key elements in your culture yet? Do you see them as basic Get it Done elements?

I will post more over the next few days. I want to provide a link of a future post of mine where I talk more on core values. Click on over and enjoy this reading as well.

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