Ideas for successful remote work with kids

Successful remote work with kids

Successful remote work with kids.

At the writing of this post, we are all under quarantine for the Corona Virus. Many people have been displaced from their jobs to be at home. Some are fortunate enough to be able to work from home remotely. The challenges come in not really on the tech side, but on the home culture side of working while their kids are out of school as well. Here are a few ideas for Successful remote with kids.

It is my desire to provide some helpful advice, resources, and ideas to have successful remote work with kids.

General ideas for Successful remote work with Kids.

  • Allow your child to help create a daily schedule and incorporate things they love from school into their day
  • Let your team, clients, and coworkers know what times are best and least favorable for you to meet because of your home schedule.
  • Plan meetings and calls during their scheduled homework and Chores time, so they are busy, focused and quiet.
  • Take necessary breaks and connect with the kids. Eat lunch together, play a game, go for a walk.
  • Reward good behavior with a treat, activity, fun ‘privilege’ or something of value for your kids.
  • Implement a good old-fashioned chore list. Pinterest has tons of resources and recommendations on appropriate chores by age.
  • Wake up earlier or stay up later (depends on how God made you to be. Are you an early morning person or a night owl person) to get email, tasks, and more done before or after the kids get up or go to bed.


Young Kids (preschool)


Elementary Kids (K-5th grade)

  • Find tips, resources and connection opportunities in the Facebook Group, Parents & Kids Coronavirus Support, for daily activities for each grade, parent support, and more.
  • Take virtual field trips. For a complete list, follow this link.
  • Take advantage of education companies that offer free subscriptions due to school closings. For a complete list, follow this link.


  • Depending on the age of your kids, instill a ‘quiet time’ for important calls and work
  • Meal plan and include interactive meals: Make your own pizza, Taco bar, Potato bar. Take advantage of these interactive times you strategically make so that your kids will respect your solitude times.
  • Plan scavenger hunts. With this one, you can have the winner get to choose an extra 30 minutes of quiet time how they want to use the time. If you win, then take an extra 30 minutes to complete a work assignment.
  • Dedicate working space, use earbuds, to help block out any noises you may not be used to at your remote office.
  • Remind them to make phone calls or FaceTime, Marco Polo with friends and relatives that they can’t visit.
  • Spend a few minutes every Sunday night planning your next week as much as possible. Create and have the whole family look over the next week. When we help our whole family to be in on the schedule they will live it more faithfully.
  • Have a cooking or baking contest. This is again another time to involve everyone in talking, laughing, time together. Kids will be more likely to help you keep your quiet time. Quiet times if they feel they had your attention throughout the day.

It is possible to have successful remote work with kids.

I have found over the years that with just a little extra thought, remote working is some of the most rewarding work you can do. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds if you take responsibility for your work environment.

What are your thoughts about:

  1. What habits have you found most beneficial to develop to be successful in remote work with kids?
  2. What other resources do you use to help in successful remote work with kids?

When you have a moment read my post Over the 4 workweeks. This book does have some ideas and resources to help you work remotely as well.

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