No more muzzles!!

Often times people talk about Zechariah and Elizabeth (in Luke 1:5-25; 57-66) and how they over time lost hope of ever having a child. Here Elizabeth was getting old and Zechariah was not a spring chicken himself.

Here Zechariah in the Holy place was visited by an angel and Zechariah still asked how he would know what the angle said about them having a baby was true (Now that’s truly losing some hope) when the angel quieted his voice until after the birth of his child John.

How often we may find ourselves in the same place as Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah when after praying and believing God in all of His goodness for a while and not seeing the answer we often give up. We may put a muzzle (restraint) on our faith and trust in God. Sometimes we put a muzzle (restraint) on us by living in fear of what others may say. There are many ways to put muzzles on us, and when that happens we lose hope in one part of our relationship with God. After wearing those muzzles we to will begin to be fearful of hoping and believing in the goodness of God.

Our challenge to the kids was to see where they may be wearing a muzzle and didn’t recognize it. For all of us to continue to believe in the goodness of God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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