Power of Praise


The power of praise can sometimes be the most overlooked tool in our children’s ministry tool belts.

This tool of Praise has the ability of transforming our perspectives, strengthening our mission and values, and energizing us when we feel we have nothing more to give. Throw a sincere praise to any of us or our team and watch energy and enthusiasm begin to show up from what seemed like empty vessels just seconds before.

There is a big difference between delivering sincere praise and manufactured praise. Know your team and the people that make up the team so it is easy to deliver to sincere praise. Here are the ingredients of sincere praise as I see them.

* It must be genuinely heartfelt to be believable.
* Supporting praise with detail makes it easier to reproduce critical behaviors.
* Coming from a person of great respect makes it more impactful
* Receiving it regularly and not just once a year makes it much more valuable
* Timeliness is critical for praise to have its greatest impact

These are a few of the ingredients that I feel are powerful to have when giving praise. What are some other ingredients do you feel are necessary to have in praise being given to you? What are some of the ingredients you also have included in the praise that you give to others?

Share from whatever experience you may have.

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