Resist turning a temporary into a permanent situation

change ahead

Too often in children’s ministry I coach children’s pastors through sticky situations which a new policy was created because of a situation that “everyone” was complaining about.

You may have already recalled a few times where you went through this same thing. The voice of “everyone” can be extremely loud at times. I have learned a few things about “everyone” that has created in me a time to sort through and investigate more when “everyone” pops up. This slow down process and investigation has helped me to create a process I go through now before I go and change or create all new rules, processes, systems or just about anything.

Here are the steps my temporary situations must go through before I consider a permanent solution:

1. Do I know the history.
Often times when temporary situations come up they have come up before. There is someone who has some background info on these situations. I will ask my Pastor or other pastors on staff to get more info on these items.

2. Is it consistent?
Before I make a new policy or a major change I want to make sure it’s not an isolated incident. I’m not going to make a new policy because one child or parent. If I start to see that “everyone” really is turning into everyone, then I will create the permanent.

3. Am I Acting or Reacting?
Some situations seem bigger than they are. We all get sick children in our ministries for an example from time to time and maybe with the flu running rapid, we’re tempted to go nuts and treat every kid with a sniffle like they’ve got the plague. I always want to be sure that I’m not just reacting to the high-pressure of a temporary situation created by the voices of “everyone”. In the heat of the moment, especially when dramatic people are involved, it can be tempting to start creating changes and new policies until the storm passes.

4. Define the “Everyone”.
You have heard a lot about the “everyone” but who are they exactly? This is exactly what you must find out. Often times when you hear that “everyone” is saying this or that, ask specifically who the “everyone” is, and often you find out it is not “everyone” but only 2-3 people.

There you go, some quick steps that I go through before I will change a temporary to a permanent.

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