What type of Ministry Vision do you have?

Vision Sunset

What type of Ministry Vision do you have?

Read this statement recently, “If We’re to Change the Way We do Children’s Ministry, We Need a Vision of something Greater than what’s happening in Kids Churches”, I am not sure that is exactly what we need, instead, I challenge us to think through “What type of Ministry Vision do you have?”. In my networking and weekly coaching children’s pastors and volunteers I can confidently say in my experience there are just as much and as often incredible Holy Spirit experiences happening in KidsMin as there are in the church as a whole.

I have been struggling to try to figure out is if those that God has given His vision to who runs the children’s ministries are more struggling with how to run with those visions?

Vision Holder 1


You have that children’s pastor who has only been able to develop the understanding of the “Vision” abstractly and implicit at best. They have a vague idea of what the future is to look like. It’s more of a hunch, or wishful thinking. Since this picture in their mind is fuzzy they fumble for the right words to connect the vision for others. The team ends up in Foggy Thinking.

Vision Holder 2


Then we have the children’s pastor who again has only developed their understanding of God’s Vision for that ministry in abstract and explicit ways. They too only have a vague idea of the future of that ministry. Rather than spend the time to develop and refine the vision, they speak to their teams in definitive terms and describe what everyone sounds like nebulous ideas. The leader is enthusiastic but hasn’t translated that energy to a language the team can connect with.

Vision Holder 3


We then have the children’s pastors who have fully developed a concrete vision of the future and mapped it out. They may see all the necessary steps to move the team forward. Rather than be explicit and communicate the framework to the team, they wrongly assume the vision is obvious to the team. This is where I have learned the larger the ministry the more explicit the communication must be for the vision to register with the team. What is obvious to the leader is opaque to the team.

Vision Holder 4


Finally, we have the children’s pastor who has a fully developed, concrete vision of the future. They have a detailed it for their teams, articulating it in precise, unambiguous language. The kind of clarity that allows their teams to translate the vision into strategies, goals, objectives, and tasks. The teams can even get the passion and purpose behind all it. The teams move forward all in confidence because the vision is clear.

How does the children’s pastor get to this last kind of vision clarity? Why do we not see more of this clarity? The vision of many has never been developed. When a leader has clarity, they can move quicker. The fuzzier things are the slower and more uncertain you will move.

Obstacles to Vision Clarity


My opinion is there are definite things in the way of leaders spending time to bring clarity to for themselves to the visions they are going after.


  1. You have to first admit you are unclear. You the leader and the expectations of others can make this hard to do.
  2. Recognize your blinders. Karen Martin in her book “Clarity First” shares 6 key factors that keep leaders unclear.
    1. Ignorance
    2. Lack of curiosity
    3. Overconfidence
    4. Cognitive biases
    5. Time constraints
    6. Fear
  3. Ask for input. Without counsel, plans fail, but with many advisers, they succeed.
  4. Process the feedback. Get alone and journal it helps to externalize our thoughts.
  5. Just start.

The Book to read to help with vision clarity.

Vision Driven Leader

I would recommend reading a great book over Vision title The Vision Driven Leader, by Michael Hyatt. In this book, he will lead you to discover What Type of Ministry Vision do you have? This book is a must-read for anyone who is responsible to carry the vision.


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